Message from the chairman

Allready 10 years! 

Since 2009, the year in which our competition started, we enjoy growing success.

In 2019 the "International Sillian Organisation" better known as "ISO" is undoubtedly one of the most important photographic competitions in  the world.

This year the International Federation of Photographic Art honored our organization by awarding us a silver medal.

I am very honored with this recognition.

Organizing this event requires a lot of investment, time and staff.

In the last 10 years we received more than 75.000 photos from 7.000 different authors coming from 80 different countries.

I thank all volunteers for the work they have accomplished with me, without them realizing all this would not be possible.

This competition is also yours, keep talking about it, share our link so that we can ensure that the success of this international competition, which is so dear to me, and where all photographers can share their creations, can last for many years and continue to grow. 

For the board of photo club Double Declic,

Christian Devers


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The Jury

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